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Foot Care PROS Costs 

& Foot Doctor / Podiatrist

Mobile Foot Care Nurse for

Kelowna , West Kelowna & Lake Country

Free report reveals 5 Nursing tips for home foot care 

Foot Care Pros, The Foot Nurse  &  Podiatrist Q & A

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Do You Service  Kelowna, Glenmore, Mission, Spring Valley, Rutland & SE Kelowna?


How much does Foot Care Pros service cost?

Prices  vary so  foot care costs are depending on how much work needs to be done. (Feet which have been neglected for a long time often need a lot of work to get "tuned up".) Go to the "Contact Foot Care Pros page on this website and request pricing include your home address in your request.

Who provides coverage?

Veterans Affairs - usually

Sunlife - some coverage, check with your plan

Manulife - most

Retired RCMP

Blue Cross - some coverage - check with your plan

How do I know that a foot care nurse is properly trained?

Anyone claiming to be a foot care nurse should be able to show you a Certificate of Completion of an Advanced Nursing Foot Care course. In addition, the nurse should have a current Licence to practice nursing from a nursing regulatory/disciplinary body such as the CLPNBC (College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC) or the CRNBC (College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia.) The CLPNBC and CRNBC will be able to verify if the LPN or RN is a professional nurse in good standing with no disciplinary actions against him/her. Only a LPN, RN or RPN can take courses  in Advanced Nursing Foot Care.

How do I prepare for a home visit from pro foot care ?

Choose a comfortable chair that you would like to sit in for the duration of the treatment. A recliner works best as does a chair with a footstool. If neither is available,  Foot Care Pros can improvise, creating a suitable area to place the feet. One or two fresh towels are useful also. There is no need to soak your feet just before or during the visit.

Can I use my receipt for income tax purposes?

Yes, Nursing foot care service is an allowable income tax expense. Some private insurance companies will cover 80% of the cost. Most VAC/DVA clients are covered for foot care and The Foot Nurse will bill Pacific Blue Cross directly. A typical salon pedicure is not considered to be a medical expense.

Where should I go to get orthotics or really good shoes?

I recommend Erhards Orthopedics because this company has a very good reputation and has been in the orthotics and shoe business for many years. Many of my customers have spoken very highly of them.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, I sell gift certificates. Give the gift of healthy feet to your loved ones or someone who has "everything".

Call Pro Foot Care today to book your appointment or purchase a gift certificate for your loved one. Gift certificates can be emailed to you upon receipt of payment.


Kelowna, B.C.

Should I see a Foot Doctor / Podiatrist or a

  Nurse from  Foot Care Pros?

A Foot Doctor or Podiatrist is a medically trained specialist who's practice includes mostly medical and surgical disorders of the foot and ankle. A Foot Care Nurse can generally be considered for non surgical care which includes treating patients not requiring surgery. A Foot Care Nurse visit can be considerably less expensive than a visit to a Foot Doctor / Podiatrist. A Foot Care Nurse will provide mobile service which is not only very conviennent it also adds to the costs savings of the patient compared to a Foot Doctor / Podiatrist who don't provide house calls, The Foot Care Nurse can come to your home on an as needed basis basis, or on a cost effective conviennent regular maintenance plan and for clients requiring immediate care and treatment of their feet and nails. The Foot Nurse from Foot Care Pros can advise clients if a Foot Doctor / Podiatrist visit may be required for conditions related to the their feet.

How often should I have foot care?

Most clients require foot care about every six weeks although how quickly toenails grow is very individual and some clients may only need foot care every two months. Individuals with calluses and corns usually require foot care every four to six weeks as calluses and corns have a tendency to return.

Will you teach me how to care for my feet between visits?

An important part of quality professional nursing care includes thorough health teaching. A properly trained, certified foot care nurse should be able to provide appropriate guidelines for self-care of nails and skin between visits. Foot Care Pros will also be able to determine if further medical treatment is needed and advise seeing your doctor.

How long is a visit?

The first visit is usually a little bit longer since an initial assessment has to be obtained. Typically, the first visit is about an hour, depending on the foot care needed. Subsequent visits are shorter.